Brainwashing a Generation 101

Dear the People,

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Perhaps you’ve spent time lamenting the way the world is going. Flicking through the news channels, you see the unrest and evils that plague this earth daily. Maybe you’ve even pondered how to fix this by perusing through the options, all of which seem rather difficult. If you’re at a loss for a solution, might I perhaps suggest brainwashing?
It might not surprise you to learn that this is an option the progressive Left has taken for the past decade or more. No, I’m not talking about Big Brother or any such Orwellian/apocalyptic fare. The much simpler, and I might argue much more effective, use of brainwashing comes at the hands of media directed towards the nation’s youth. I won’t even attempt to address the crisis of overwhelming vulgarity present in books targeted towards a “Young Adult” audience, but instead discuss the books targeted towards the youngest readers.

Children these days are apt to hear about what’s going on in the world even earlier than usual. Whether it is from their parents or extended family or the cable television that is so rarely monitored, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn’t know of our most current president. As such, many parents turn to their local libraries to find some material to reassure their young ones. Unfortunately the books waiting for them are hardly the thing to bolster a young mind.

If you’ve ever noticed that those on the purported “progressive” Left are more miserable and unhappy with the world, perhaps these books could be the root of it. For example, the 2018 collection We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices starts off with an introduction detailing how disturbing and terrifying a time it is in our country since the 2016 elections, especially for our children.

“This book was inspired by our great-niece Jordyn […] When she found out who the new president would be, she was frightened and confused, worried that the world as she knew it was in imminent danger.”

We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices

For kids, who don’t know anything about the president but these statements, they will never get the chance to form their own opinion. Leftists who decry a Christian upraising for its “brainwashing” their children into a certain mindset are turning a blind eye to these books which teach children how to think about the world just as much as any Christian text does. All of these books, which are so harmful to the intellectual freedom of our youth, share several points in common. If you’re in the market to write such material yourself, here are some things you might want to include to do the most damage – er, be consistent with your peers.


1. Racism Exists and It Exists on a One-Way Street

If the first time you’d ever heard of racism was from one of these books, I wouldn’t be surprised if you turned out to be a white-hating progressive. All of these books share things in common and one of the biggest is the notion that children should avoid all hate speech regarding people who aren’t white. Not a bad idea, but note the terms “hate speech” and “aren’t white”. Hate speech is regarded as any statement that might contain microagressions. That includes asking where someone is from these days, at least if you’re talking to someone from a minority. You can talk to white people however you want apparently, because it’s all right to lobby against those oppressive white people who have so much power.

2. Sexism Exists – And It’s Also a One-Way Street

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but most of these books encourage girls
and boys to fight back against any disparaging notions regarding
females and only females. Sorry boys, but apparently you don’t get to be
victims unless you’re gay or of color. Most of these reads encourage children to stop sexism how and where they can. Like with the fight against racism, this is good in concept, but what the Left views as disparaging is having girls play with dolls, cook, enjoy any traditionally feminine qualities, and not having goals as large as boys’, so it poses something of a problem to urge boys and girl to do something about this supposed sexism when it’s hard to even identify what is truly sexist or not these days.

3. Consequences Are a Fairytale

When asked what sort of economic system produces the most benefits a society, it’s pretty common among young people these days to answer “socialism.” Because apparently capitalism is an evil system employed by greedy old white men. Most of these young adults salivate at the idea of free stuff while at the same time being unable to answer when socialism has ever worked out. It’s not their fault really. The Leftist propaganda doesn’t teach kids the consequences of any of their actions anymore. AIDS and HIV? Forget about it, this is true love. Socialist torment? It’ll be different this time. Unarmed victims of gun violence? Criminals will apparently throw down their guns once they’re told it’s not right to use them. Fairytales may exist in books, but when parents give this material to children as fact, it’s basically rearing your children with a skewed view of reality. 


4. The People Are Always Right…Until They’re Not

In the nonfiction book The Art of the Possible: An Everyday Guide to Politics, it is interesting to note that the author spends an entire chapter dedicated to the three most important things in politics, namely that the people’s opinion matters more than anything else in politics. The other two points merely serve to support this by saying that politicians spend all of their time trying to sway people’s opinion and that regular people should be invested in politics so that their opinion will be heard. Okay, so far so good…until we come to Chapter 8 which is titled, “Avoiding the Tyranny of the Majority.” This chapter mostly has to do with same-sex marriage and how, despite the people’s vast agreement and push for a constitutional law that marriage is between a man and a woman, the people’s opinion was, well – WRONG. Why? Because apparently, it was unconstitutional. Never mind the fact that the Constitution never said anything on the subject. Apparently, the people were being tyrannical by even suggesting such a thing and the judges are heroes for striking down the law. Their reasoning? The Constitution was “set up so that the majority of the people cannot control the political process to hurt minorities”. Cue le sigh. This is apparently what we’re teaching our children these days.

#5. Slur Those Who Disagree With You

This is a really easy one to get right (which is probably why it’s included in all of these books). Just set up an opponent and make him sound really, really horrible. The most obvious victim is, of course, our president Mr. Donald Trump himself because as everyone knows, Mr. Trump is a racist-bigoted-sexist-homophobic-Islamaphobic-xenaphobic- you know what? I think you get the point. By setting up conservatives and/or basically everyone you disagree with as enemies who are to be feared, kids will understand that they don’t want to align themselves with the big, bad villains.

So those are the five major points that you’ll want to include when writing the perfect texts to brainwash kids. There’s a lot more I could add, but these are the biggest indicators that the book you are writing is on the right track to forming children’s minds.

After all, we wouldn’t want to encourage our children to have real intellectual freedom and think for themselves, would we?



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