The War on Women

Dear the People,

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: radical feminism is targeting men, harming them, and making them victims of sexism against males. While all of this is true, there are victims here of third-wave feminism that we don’t talk about as much (and no, I’m not actually addressing the unborn babes that are slaughtered by the thousands).

I’m talking about girls.

That’s right. For as much as the Left would like to make it seem like they’re truly concerned with the plight of females, they’ve proven time and time again that the last thing they really care about is raising up the females around them. You may have heard about “sisterhood”, “female power”, kumbaya around the campfire, etc. But while strong female relationships do thrive in different situations, this idea of “empowered females banding together” isn’t quite as accurate as we’d all like to believe. Don’t believe me?

Take for example, the statistics. Men are often cited as being the ultra-violent, over-aggressive beings that are causing workplace abuse and bullying. While men contribute, it’s actually women that tend to target women in work situations. This is not due to men’s “crippling” of women and turning them against each other, but instead due to the fact that women can be just as naturally competitive and intellectually aggressive [see HERE and HERE for examples and studies proving this point].

Keep in mind that women were designed to compete for the best resources. For as long as time has begun, women have competed for the best man, the best home, and in a modern day when marriage is no longer the only way to financial and physical security, the best jobs. As such, everything that leads to a better quality of life and more security is something that women can and will bully each other over. This is why (sociologically speaking, at least) girls tend to dress nicer not just to impress men, but also to outdo their fellow females, all of whom have the same motivation of getting a mate.

Radical feminism, however, rejects the idea that women can have this natural competition and instead embraces a group mentality where all women band together to fight abusive male.

If only that were the case.

The problem really lies in the female form of bullying, a form that has more to do with emotional and intellectual torture than physical. When boys bully, they come away with obvious scars. The scars that girls carry can often lead to a damaged psyche that in some extreme cases leads to suicide [see HERE, HERE, HERE].

So why do feminists want to ignore the damage perpetrated by females and focus primarily on that spread by males? For one thing, it means females can continue inflicting this damage on females while crying “victim”. And it means they can continue to shift the blame of their bullying onto men so they can talk about what they really consider to be the “problem”.


Yeah….*sigh* We’ve got to get into this.

In a book re-released in 2017 called Girlness: Deal With It (notably published by a Canadian company), the main focus is discrimination. Girls who are read this book will be taught that they are discriminated in every circumstance without reason. They will be taught that all-guy’s club are sexist and that any activity in which they are not the first chosen is due merely to their gender. And for girls who don’t submit to this narrative? They are taught that they are being sexist or even worse, that they have no minds of their own and that they are being bowled over by men. Their problem isn’t that they dare to think differently; their problem is the evil patriarchy who has stuffed their oppressive, sexist ideas down their throats.

Girls in the past were faced by ideas that kept them in their station in life and the same is true today. Not much has changed unfortunately. Girls are still being told how and what to think. The only difference? Those distributing this wisdom are not their fathers, their brothers, their husbands, or their friends. Instead it is their sisters, who insist that the girl who refuses to believe is the girl who refuses to rise above her circumstances.

It is the poor female who must choose between obeying the louder members of her own gender or allowing herself to be crushed beneath the “patriarchal” heel.

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