Shooting Oneself in the Foot

Dear the People,

It says a lot about the quality of the arguments presented by the Left when a book on one of their most beloved ideologies refutes itself. It especially says a lot when one of these refutations can be found without even having to open the book.

DK’s newest release from their series of books encompassing such topics as art, business, crime, philosophy, Sherlock Holmes, astronomy, sociology, is The Feminism Book. The book is exactly what you’d expect. Though the authors will claim to be impartial, they make many invalidated and unsupported statements. They disregard the arguments to the contrary by stating that the opposing viewpoint is bigoted and cannot possibly be true.

Nevertheless, the irrationality of the arguments presented are not the issue at hand today. Instead, we are going to be focused on the arguments that the book actually does damage to, proving that the Left cannot keep its own arguments straight.

All Feminists Can and Should Be Lesbians

This quote is on the back cover with a lovely graphic design of two women kissing in a heart. Now, if you are at all familiar with the LGBTQIA+ ideology, you may have heard something along the lines of “Gay people were born this way” or “I can’t help myself, don’t ask me to deny who I was born to be”. If this is true (and it is often presented as true, whether it really is or not), then how is it that “feminists can and should be lesbians”? This refutes the idea that homosexuality is an in-born trait and returns to the truth: homosexuality is a choice. Whether it is immoral or not is an argument to be made another time.

All Politics are Reproductive Politics

A blatant falsehood as you will find no Leftists claiming taxation is about reproduction rights. But lets get to what this is really about, shall we? If you’re guessing that the argument is about abortion, you’d be right. This portion of the book discusses how women of color are not given enough access to contraception prevention and good quality sex-education. As usual, the Left wants to ignore the real problem: premarital sex. No one should have the right to kill their child if they were foolish enough to sleep around without taking preventative measures against childbirth. Don’t blame the bus for hitting you if you jaywalk.

People Condone in Man What is Fiercely Condemned in Woman

Ironically, this has been proven false just by the amount of backlash inspired by the #metoo movement. Abuse goes both ways, but the shrieking populace focuses their rainbow vision on the abuse perpetrated by men. I’d recommend THIS interesting video by BBC on a social experiment to show the different ways between public reaction to female violence vs male violence. In addition, I’d recommend THIS article by the Good Men Project. The point is, no one condones violence and sexual assault in men.

No Female Leaders, Just Leaders

This chapter starts off with a story about Chief Operating Officer of Facebook in Sheryl Sandberg who, when pregnant, asked for reserved parking, a policy that remained in place for other pregnant women after she left. Funnily, this does not seem like a gender-blind decision. Men do not get pregnant; why are Leftists differentiating between male and female leaders if it is so important to have just “leaders”?

Feminism Needs Sex Workers/Femininity Has Become a Brand

These sections are only one page apart, which is an alarming proximity for the feminists who might try to pass this book off to even slightly-intelligent friends. The first page is on Carol Leigh’s attempts to pass off the immoral acts of sex workers as a valid form of labor. The chapter claims it wants to support the sex market as a legitimate and respectable source of income. Contrast this with the next chapter in which feminist Laurie Penny claims capitalism turns women’s bodies into commodities. While it is true that the free market enables the exchange of money for services provided by these women, capitalism can hardly be to blame for a service that feminists proudly back (feminists who no doubt espouse a doctrine of socialism, ironically).

While there are definitely more contradictions that could be pointed out, these are some of the easiest to find in the book, a good portion of them being found on the jacket of the book.

The Left may claim to be intellectually superior and progressive, but a group that refutes its own arguments in a manifesto for one of its most proudly touted ideologies hardly seems like one that is superior, let alone intellectual. As I’ve stated before, I think those on the Left – while including crazies and those who simply do not care if they are acting immoral – are simply uneducated. I would argue that books like these are the major problem. Liberals are not given a chance to think for themselves, which means such obvious paradoxes are not even seen.

But I digress. What other paradoxes can you think of?




  1. The feminist Left has a serious problem that they didn’t count on, the emergence of transgenderism. The ‘T’ is a huge problem because if taken seriously, it refutes everything feminism upholds. After all, if gender is ‘fluid,’ simply identifying as a lesbian means one embraces a separation of the genders. How then can one denounce a male ‘identifying’ as a female who wants to be a ‘male lesbian’? Nice piece and keep up the good work.

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