Hooked on a Feeling

Dear the People,

If you are a parent, an educator, or simply a concerned citizen, perhaps you’ve noticed a trend that continues to grow on the side of the Left. While their conflicting ideologies harm many Americans, the citizens they are bringing the most harm to are those who don’t even know it.

The children of this nation are being reared to believe that they have a right to anarchy and that their feelings correspond to reality. Never before in American history has the practice of following one’s heart been so widely preached as it is today. The backlash against conservatism and moral values will be great if children continue to be taught as they are these days. The worst of it is that future lawmakers might be hard to find among the younger generation given the fact that laws are not even taken into consideration. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s beliefs about the Left’s subjective views of “moral right” seem to becoming true in the absence of a proper education on legality.

Case in point: illegal immigration.

Books on immigration teach children to feel bad for the migrants flooding this country, regardless of the legality of their entry. Does it matter that American citizens are harmed by these illegal aliens, aliens who bring upon the people higher taxes, higher crime rates, lower job availability, and generally higher prices?

For example, take the children’s book entitled simply Walls. Published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2018, this book talks about the wonderful kind of walls. Notably, in the first page they actually present a fair pro-wall view, likely without even realizing it.

“Some walls are made for animal farms, to keep the farm animals from animal harm.”

Walls Brad Holdgrafer

Most pro-wall conservatives would argue that a wall along the border would effectively do the same thing. Leftists may be fans of terms like “emotional violence” and “psychological suffering”, but at the end of the day, they hardly seem to have any real care for the physical suffering and legal injustice inflicted on American citizens by and because of illegals.

“Like yours, your friends and your neighbors too. Even a mouse needs walls in his house.”

Walls Brad Holdgrafer

But why do we need walls for our house? Not to protect us, surely. Not to ensure our continued welfare. Children who are not taught to think critically will read this book and learn poor skills before they are old enough to even consider the material they read.

“But then there are walls that cast shadows over all…walls so tall you can’t hear a friend call.”

Walls Brad Holdgrafer

The problem with such a statement is that all those on the other side of the border can hardly be considered friends. When there are groups like MS-13 and human traffickers on the other side of the border, teaching children that those south of the US are “friends being kept back” is one of the most damaging ideas that can be taught to children.

“Those walls are unfriendly, and perhaps even rude. They block new adventures with their bad attitude.”

Walls Brad Holdgrafer

There is nothing rude or unfriendly about keeping out those who are not willing to follow the rules. The US is and always has been a country ready to welcome immigrants with open arms, so long as they attempt to enter legally and have a genuine desire to become contributing members of society.

But this brainwashing gets worse. No one would doubt first-generation Americans can produce great work and should support their families as they enter the US. Unfortunately, criminal acts are now being advocated for in children’s nonfiction. If illegals are around, one should defend their “rights” (of which they have few legally because of their mode of entry), hide them if necessary (despite the fact that the US government is hardly the Gestapo), and defy the dissenters (who are all “racist, white, cis, heterosexual males” anyway) – at least according to these books.

Why? Because feelings. Because it’s not kind. Because it’s unkind to deny entry to people who do not want to contribute to the nation they are taking from. Never mind that the children reading this book will most likely be American citizens, unaware of the finer complexities that rule the legal process. Never mind that their parents, so enamored with the Leftist worldview or perhaps just unaware of its presence in the book they’ve handed their child, have enjoyed the benefits and the detriments that come with living in American society as it is affected by illegal aliens today.

What matters is feelings. Because while facts don’t care about your feelings, feelings also don’t care about your facts.


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