Pigs vs Powerless

Dear the People,

One of the most interesting ways to learn about human nature is via Youtube videos.

Hear me out.

If you’ve ever had to take a sociology/psychology course for college and scrolled through Youtube search results, you might have come across a “social experiment” video. Some of these are quite interesting, but it’s one in particular that caught my eye. A video published by Youtuber Joey Salads on September 15, 2018 titled “HARASSMENT, MEN vs WOMEN (Social Experiment)” (which is only 3:07 of actual experiment and 6:94 minutes of Fortnite, for viewers who expected more of the ten minute run-time) made something very clear to me I’d already realized: while women may have been and perhaps still may viewed in a certain societal light, men are perceived with just as distinct a bias that is perhaps even more damaging than that applied to females. I’ve discussed the Left’s opinion of women in my article “The War on Women“, but I think it’s time to take a look at the three harmful views of men and the effects they have on men.

The Pig

He works a 9-5 job where he peeks down the secretary’s blouse and drinks with the guys after work, flirting with the “chick” at the bar. He kicks back and watch football on the weekends, cusses regularly, has no regard for people of color, different sexualities, or women, and takes charge even when no one wants him to. He works out at the gym often or not at all (there’s no inbetween), he never asks for directions, he eats plenty of meat (red if possible), and was likely visited five times more than he should have been by the testosterone fairy. He is the feminist’s villain and the Leftist antagonist in general. He’s the kind of man the controversial Gillete ad warned against. By contrast, conservative and traditionally liberal audiences might praise this “traditional” man such as in this article at https://average2alpha.com/what-it-means-to-be-a-man/. When not viewed in the light of the anti-white, anti-male, etc. worldview, this man is not the misogynist man-beast but the “man’s man”. He goes camping without a tent, beats up the bad guys, and manages to do so with barely a scratch – or many that he shrugs off casually with a devil may-care look. He is the Indiana Jones, James Bond, or Philip Marlowe of each generation. He is the “ultimate man.” So why the title pig? Such a word brings to mind the core of what this man is and how our society thinks of him. This man may have typically “heroic” qualities of being macho, gritty, and strong, but he also brings more connotations along with him. This is the man who is sexist, racist, and homophobic. He is domineering. He is always down for a good time – the kind accompanied by not so subtle winks and a good deal of liquor. While the Pig may be the most prevalent view of men and the kind that the patriarchal-crushing, woke Left seeks to humble or utterly do away with, there is a second view of man and that is

The Powerless

You know this guy. He’s the virgin incel who spends more time on the Internet wishing he had a girlfriend then actually talking to his crush from the math club. He is the boy who has never gotten the guts to respond when the football players and cheerleaders write him off. He is the teen who never played sports. He is the one who invited the sexual and physical abuse he’s suffered because he’s “weak” and/or “feminine.” He’s the one who has never played a sport in his life and doesn’t aspire to go into traditionally male careers. He’s the disappointment to his father, the weak boyfriend who can never give his girlfriend the strong presence she needs, the guy who’s never called on in class. He’s a loser and a liar if he refuses sex, he’s not manly unless he’s got a six-pack, and if he doesn’t have the chiseled chin, gorgeous eyes, model body, and desired height, he’s definitely not attractive. This is the kind of guy that other men tease each other about being. He’s the one who’s being “gay”, acting like “a girl”, or worse just ignored by his fellow males. The abuse he’s experienced is put to the side as his own fault for not being enough of a male, because a real male would not be put in such a situation. Unlike the Pig, who can get away with his behavior somewhat under the guise of “it’s just what guys do”, this is the kind of man who struggles to hide his inefficiencies and will constantly be trying to keep up with society’s view of what a real man is. He will look to the airbrushed version of masculinity found in Hollywood and the media and wonder why he can never reach it, lamenting that some men are just naturally masculine because he has neither the football player’s girth nor the actor’s easy charm. The Left may not view this kind of man as the enemy, but when men themselves try to distance themselves as far from this kind of male as possible, the enemy is yourself and every male counterpart. What’s a guy to do when his only choices are to be the Pig or the Powerless? Well there’s always option number three.

The Unicorn

This is the unabashed theater boy who knows he’s gay and loves it. This is the husband who supports his partner – never wife – as she runs for the president of the United States. This is the man who marches in the Women’s March and voted for Hillary 2016 (HeforShe celebrates this kind of man who believes in and fights for gender equality). This is the man who celebrates his trans child as in another controversial Gillete Ad, who supports his LGBTQ+ community, and who knows how to disavow his own toxic masculinity. He is hard to find and rarely mentioned when men as a whole are attacked, yet lifted up as the paragon of manhood – if manhood is ever lifted up. He is feminine but elusive, mysterious, and the perfect moldable ideal for the feminist in question.

Of course, all, if not most men do not fit so neatly into these stereotypes and men as a whole fall victim to these dangerous views that have made them the enemy of the Left, the butt of many a joke, and the derisive villain of many nightmarish scenarios. Good men are considered rare, hardly celebrated, and must undergo a process by fire if they are to survive the transition to not only adulthood, but life itself under progressive scrutiny. I’m not writing off the violence, abuse, and varied crimes men commit, but simply pointing out that men as a gender in of itself have been written off and dismissed as the default problem with the world, as if humanity itself does not perpetrate sin. Individuals are responsible for the suffering they cause rather than the group they belong to.

The Pig is being shot down while simultaneously being glorified. Media provides young boys with glamorized images of the perfect male physique, the gun-slinging hero, and the sexually desired male, then told their desire to become these glorified ideals is toxic (as per the American Psychological Association’s declaration that traditional masculinity is actually dangerous and kills men) and rooted in misogynist masculinity (https://www.buzzfeed.com/uiekazoo/masculinity-is-actually-killing-men and https://www.sfgate.com/opinion/article/Men-being-men-is-a-bad-deal-Guys-should-evolve-2468580.php). Boys find themselves lost, leading to the controversy of the Powerless, especially if they have been victimized in any way. Because of the prominent view that men are strong and women incapable of perpetrating abuse such as men are (check out this BBC social experiment to see an example of the view we hold of male on female vs female on male violence at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GccCWo_eZdw), men who are victims of domestic abuse stay silent and feel ashamed to speak out (see at https://domesticviolencestatistics.org/men-the-overlooked-victims-of-domestic-violence/). Sexual assault of men and young boys is rarely discussed (as at https://sapac.umich.edu/article/53), is dismissed, and is noticeably absent from the #metoo debate. For the man who strives to step up and be better than the Pig, he must fit into the feminized box of the Left. His opinion is only valid if a woman considers it so and he too must vow to topple the white, hetero-normative patriarchy and spend every day bending over backwards to apologize and make up for his own “maleness”.

Where does this leave boys and young men in the wreckage? Perhaps we should listen to men such as Landon Wilcock, a rape survivor who challenges both the Pig and Powerless view by reminding audiences that masculinity is not definable by such stigmas.

Being a man and a male are two very different things. A real man is one of character. He is masculine (for reference see at https://www.convergemagazine.com/christian-masculinity/ for a Christian view of masculinity or at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_HL0wiK4Zc for a non-religious view of masculinity) and knows that, like race, there is nothing inherently better or worse about the fact that he has such qualities, so long as they are appropriately grown and taught. He is a father (despite the fact that fathers are treated as less than mothers, see at https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/the-importance-of-fathers-according-to-science/ and https://theartofcharm.com/finding-your-purpose/the-crisis-of-masculinity/), a husband, and coworker. A real man knows he is not defined by his Hollywood-style charm, magazine worthy muscles, or stereotypical “masculine” interests. A real man is focused on being a good person.

Anyone can play the gender game. Trans men and women prove this by fulfilling the model view of the physical. Hollywood churns out the wealthy, “successful”, and mythical every day. But real men and women know what sets them apart is their shared decency, responsibility, and honor.

It’s time to start remembering the other half of society – before the other half turns its back on society.


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